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The Top 6 E-Discovery Blogs for 2019

The Top 6 E-Discovery Blogs for 2019

NOTE: Our updated Top 10 list for 2020 is now online. Click here!

Over the past few months, Data Narro has been researching e-discovery resources on the Internet and reviewing scores of technology-focused legal blogs. Over time it became clear that a handful of e-discovery blogs stood above the rest. This post will highlight the top six e-discovery blogs that deserve your attention.

Keep in mind, this is a selectively curated list. Some good blogs didn’t make the cut – perhaps they were infrequently updated or didn’t maintain a focus on e-discovery. Others didn’t make the list because the writing lacked clarity and focus.

With the launch of our own digital forensics and e-discovery blog this month, Data Narro will be highlighting the best articles from these and other resources, supplementing it with our own original content. Please sign up to receive our monthly newsletter that contains the best blog content from the previous month. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook!

Here are the top 6 e-discovery blogs that you should be following in 2019:

Ediscovery Daily Blog
1. E-Discovery Daily Blog:
The most prolific and reliable blog on our list, E-Discovery Daily Blog, is actually a vendor blog published by CloudNine, makers of eDiscovery automation software. The blog itself is authored and edited by industry notable Doug Austin and covers a wide range of e-discovery news and case law. Remarkably, the blog has been published consistently with quality content since 2010, racking up over 2,000 posts. This is a tremendous resource that should be everyone’s daily read.

Ball in Your Court
2. Ball in Your Court

Few attorneys claim to have the depth of experience in real-world e-discovery that Craig Ball has. As a court-appointed special master and consultant in digital forensics and e-discovery, Craig has been involved in some of the most celebrated e-discovery cases in the U.S. history. In addition to helping found the Georgetown University Law Center E-Discovery Training Academy, Craig has authored the consistently excellent Ball in Your Court Blog since 2011. This blog is always smart and topical.

3. Bow Tie Law
Bow Tie Law Blog founder and attorney Joshua Gilliland’s has built one of the finest e-discovery knowledge centers on the net. Currently publishing content about once a week, Bow Tie Law Blog has over 500 original e-discovery articles. In addition to blog articles, you’ll find a vast collection of original audio content, including 80+ commute-friendly podcasts covering a range of e-discovery topics.

Complex Discovery
4. Complex Discovery

Complex Discovery is a data and legal discovery blog from legal technology marketer and leader Rob Robinson. This blog stands apart from the rest with ocean-deep content, often with a focus on the e-discovery industry itself. The site is a treasure trove of information and analysis concerning the e-discovery market and its players.

Exterro Blog
5. Exterro

While perhaps not as deep as some of the others on this list, this vendor’s blog is refreshing with a focus on concise, appealing, and ultimately useful information. It’s easy to jump into this blog to grab a useful set of tips or an easy-to-understand primer on many e-discovery topics. Check it out.

6. eDisclosure Information Project

The eDisclosure Information Project blog is the work of UK-based author Chris Dale and focuses on the rules, technology, and practice of e-discovery and e-disclosure. While the blog covers a wide range of topics, you will find an emphasis on industry interviews and analysis of e-discovery news and press releases.

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