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Classes, CLEs, & Presentations

Classes, CLEs, and Presentations

Because technology is constantly changing, we realize that educating our clients is a big part of our job. The good news is that we love teaching!

Data Narro has developed a set of classes, CLEs, and presentations that we would be happy to bring to your law firm or business at no cost to you. Most classes on our list can be presented in a 30-minutes session that’s perfect for a “lunch and learn” or as a fully-accredited 60-minute CLE*.

Please contact Kristian Lars Larsen if you have any questions or if you wish to schedule a presentation.

*Valid in the State of Wisconsin.

The Attorney's Guide to Modern Digital ForensicsThe Attorney’s Guide to Modern Digital Forensics (30min or 60min)
The world of legal discovery has changed radically over the past decade. Attorneys that stay current with the latest advances in digital forensics and e-discovery will have a significant advantage over their competitors that don’t. You’ll walk away from this class with a strong understanding of how you can strengthen your legal cases by applying modern thinking to the discovery process. You’ll learn the best places to find information, how to capture that information, and how to preserve it for litigation. We touch on techniques for drafting and responding to electronic discovery requests and how to prepare for your next meet-and-confer.

The Paralegal’s Guide to Obtaining Evidence from Digital Devices (30min or 60min)
Whether data is on a hard drive, email, cloud storage, mobile phone, or social media account, we will show you how this information can be accurately preserved, even if the information appears to be missing, deleted, or damaged. We also provide guidance to help you draft a discovery request, respond to a subpoena, and prepare for a meet-and-confer. This class is specifically designed for paralegals and litigation support professionals.

Early Stage Strategies for E-Discovery Success (30min or 60min)
If you are looking for ways to improve your overall e-discovery efforts, it is crucial that you focus on the early stages of the e-discovery process. This presentation describes how to use Early Case Assessment (ECA) to drive substantially better results for your legal matters. You’ll learn how to better understand and identify potentially relevant sources of information, how to properly preserve and collect that information, and how to avoid the common pitfalls that derail e-discovery efforts.

Employee Separation: Discovering & Understanding the Trail of Digital Evidence (30min or 60m)
As a digital forensics company, we are frequently brought into cases that involve employee separation. Oftentimes, companies want to know if their employees improperly retained intellectual property or are violating their non-compete agreements. In this presentation, Data Narro will show you how to prevent the theft of proprietary information by employees or detect it after the fact. We’ll show you simple techniques that can be used to preserve evidence to strengthen legal cases in the event that litigation becomes necessary.

Manipulating Electronic Evidence: Stories from the Front Lines of Digital Forensics (30min)
In this informational and entertaining presentation, you learn about emerging methods of digital manipulation that is blurring the line between what is real and what is counterfeit. We’ll touch on deepfakes, photo manipulation, and AI-generated humans, but we’ll largely draw from our own experience, presenting real-world examples that show how regular people use digital manipulation to obfuscate their crimes – from simple email forgeries and time stamp manipulation to the use of anti-forensics software.

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