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Download Our Latest Digital Forensics E-Book!

Data Narro is proud to present our latest e-book, “The 2020 Attorney’s Guide to Digital Forensics.” Written specifically for attorneys and legal professionals, this e-book serves as a concise and up-to-date field guide to modern digital forensics.

While we’ll cover the basics of digital forensics, our goal is to detail recent advances and provide insight into what you can expect in the coming decade. Along the way, we’ll alert you to new sources of digital evidence, providing you with the awareness to better drive e-discovery efforts for you and your clients.

In this e-book, you’ll learn about:

  • how to streamline your e-discovery efforts to save time and money
  • the six biggest trends in digital forensics today
  • new sources of discoverable information (social media, IoT devices, & more)

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