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Why Choose Data Narro?


The Simple Answer is…Quality

By choosing Data Narro, you are making a choice for quality. It’s at the heart of everything we do. We understand that quality cannot exist without a team that is focused on its delivery. President John Gapinski provides the company with leadership and operational expertise. Director of Forensic Services Erik Thompson oversees our digital forensics and e-discovery solutions. Read more about our leadership team below.

The Leadership Team

John Gapinski of Data Narro
John Gapinski

President John Gapinski has been involved in information technology and information security for the past twenty-five years. He first found entrepreneurial success with Secured Retail Networks, Inc., a California-based company that provides cybersecurity solutions for top retailers around the globe. John now brings his indispensable information security and leadership skills to Data Narro. He holds degrees in both Philosophy and Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee respectively.

Erik Thompson of Data Narro
Erik Thompson
Director of Forensic Services

Data Narro’s forensics group is led by Director of Forensic Services Erik Thompson who brings twenty years of digital forensics and computer security experience to the table. Over the years, Erik has developed proprietary forensic investigation techniques and methodologies and has served as an instructor and lecturer for dozens of classes and seminars. He’s managed over 750 investigations and testified in dozens of court cases as an expert witness.

Kristian Lars Larsen
Kristian Lars Larsen
Director of E-Discovery

Kristian “Lars” Larsen serves as eDiscovery Director for Data Narro, a Milwaukee-based Digital Forensics and eDiscovery firm. Lars brings effective and affordable eDiscovery solutions to Data Narro’s clients, drawing on 20 years of technology experience in application development, data analysis, and project management. He is a certified Project Manager for DISCO and iCONECT eDiscovery review platforms.

Meagen Brooklier
Meagen Brooklier
Project Manager

As Project Manager at Data Narro, Meagen Brooklier is responsible for managing both internal and external projects. Meagen is charged with promoting client satisfaction and supporting existing and emerging services.

Our Core Values

To help guide our quality efforts, we have adopted a set of four core values. Please review them below.


We strive for clear communications between our team and our clients. We take extra care to make sure our findings are presented in an understandable and unambiguous manner.


We believe that frequent, proactive communications are the key to all successful relationships, so we make it a point to stay in constant communication with our clients. Expect frequent updates and daily reports while we are engaged on your project.


Time is always a critical factor in digital investigations. We recognize this and have developed processes that allow us to work in a manner that produces efficient, timely results.


Integrity is at the heart of what we do.  We follow strict procedures to assure that our services produce trustworthy, rock-solid evidence. We encourage transparency in all steps of our processes.

What Does “Data Narro” Mean?

Data Narro’s company name that is made up of two words – Data and Narro, both of which are derived from Latin. Data, whose modern meaning generally means information, is derived from the Latin word datum, which means gift or present. Narro, which may be unfamiliar to modern readers, means to recount, narrate, or reveal.

Put these together, and we have a simple meaning: “Information Revealed”. For investigators that work with Data Narro, many times the information that we recover can seem like a gift!