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The Top 10 eDiscovery Blogs for 2021


We all know that 2020 was a difficult year that upended our ideas of what is normal. The COVID pandemic turned most of us into remote workers — some of us were time-crunched, juggling careers while providing educational support for our children. Others found their schedules cleared to perfect their sourdough breadmaking while binge-watching everything that Netflix had to offer .

It’s time to turn the page and explore the excellent resources available for eDiscovery professionals. I’ve been analyzing the best eDiscovery blogs for the past few months and today I am releasing my picks for the Top 10 eDiscovery Blogs for 2021. While our Top 10 eDiscovery blogs have remained fairly consistent rolling into 2021, there are a few notable shakeups.

Here are the top 10 eDiscovery blogs that you should be following in 2021:

1. Complex Discovery

This is my third year reviewing eDiscovery blogs, but this is the first year that I have ranked Complex Discovery #1. I’ll admit that I was new to the industry in 2018 and didn’t recognize the immense utility of this site. I assure you that I do now. Complex Discovery is the data and legal discovery blog from legal technology leader Rob Robinson. This blog stands apart from the rest with ocean-deep content, often with a focus on the eDiscovery industry itself. The site is a treasure trove of information and analysis concerning the eDiscovery market and its players.


2. eDiscovery Today
In the biggest shakeup of the year, Doug Austin broke away from Cloud Nine’s eDiscovery Daily Blog and started his own blog – eDiscovery Today. Doug is still prolific and reliable, publishing new content at a breakneck pace. While you can still find his ten years of excellent content at Cloud Nine, but you should bookmark Doug’s new blog. This is a tremendous resource that should be everyone’s daily read.

3. ACEDS Blog
I’m bumping up ACEDS excellent blog up to #3 this year. As I become more and more involved in eDiscovery matters at Data Narro, I have found the ACEDS blog to be a consistent and reliable resource. Geared toward most eDiscovery professionals, including paralegals, litigation support personnel, and attorneys, this blog offers a good mix of helpful articles, litigation analysis, and explanations of current eDiscovery trends. As I work through my CEDS certification this spring, I expect to reference this blog frequently.

Ball in Your Court
4. Ball in Your Court

If you are looking for a blog that produces fascinating legal technology articles that will expand your knowledge of digital forensics and eDiscovery, you should drop by Craig Ball’s site. Few attorneys can claim to have the depth of experience in real-world eDiscovery that Craig Ball has. As a court-appointed special master and consultant in digital forensics and eDiscovery, Craig has been involved in some of the most celebrated eDiscovery cases in U.S. history. Craig has authored the consistently excellent Ball in Your Court Blog since 2011. This blog is always smart and topical.

LegalTech News-2021
5. LegalTech News

I kept LegalTech News off the list last year because, technically, LegalTech News isn’t a blog—it’s a news site that is published by I’m breaking the rules because it is such a great resource! While the news articles cover a wide gamut of legal technology topics, I found that I was consistently reading great, timely articles on important eDiscovery development, trends, and case law. This site is run by and will require you to register to read it.

Ride the Lightning Blog
6. Ride the Lightning

Sharon Nelson’s Ride the Lightning is a consistently excellent blog that focuses on information security and electronic evidence. If you are a legal technologist, put Ride the Lightning at the top of your list. There are a ton of great posts here, insightful and well-written. Nelson is an attorney who also happens to be president of a digital forensics/cybersecurity firm. This enables her to bring a great deal of expertise to each article she authors.

7. Bow Tie Law
It looks like the Bow Tie Law Blog is back. After being largely dormant in 2020, founder and attorney Joshua Gilliland has returned and is regularly posting again. This makes us happy — Gilliland has built one of the finest eDiscovery knowledge centers on the net. The Bow Tie Law Blog has over 500 original eDiscovery articles. You’ll also find you’ll find a nice archive of  80+ commute-friendly podcasts covering a range of eDiscovery topics. It’s time to jump back into the Bow Tie Law Blog!

8. eDisclosure Information Project
The eDisclosure Information Project blog is the work of UK-based author Chris Dale and focuses on the rules, technology, and practice of eDiscovery and e-disclosure. While the blog covers a wide range of topics, you will find an emphasis on industry interviews and analysis of eDiscovery news and press releases.

The Relativity Blog
9. The Relativity Blog

The Relativity Blog is unusually good for a vendor blog — while you may have to wade through a bit of Relativity-specific news and events, there is plenty of other relevant eDiscovery articles here. Check it out.

10. eDiscovery Daily Blog
We are not sure what is going on with CloudNine’s eDiscovery Daily Blog, but we can tell you that its name no longer matches its title. There has only been two original posts since Doug Austin left last year. Still, there are a ton of great archived articles, so we will keep it in our Top 10 for now, but we are not expecting much from the blog until they find a new blog editor.

Let me know what you think. If you think I missed something, email me directly at [email protected]. And don’t forget to follow Data Narro on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook!