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Midwest-based Digital Forensics Firm “Data Narro” Launches in Milwaukee

Data Narro - Digital Forensics & E-Discovery


Milwaukee, WI— August 29, 2018 —

John Gapinski announced today the launch of Data Narro, LLC, a Milwaukee-based technology company that provides digital forensics and e-discovery services to businesses, law firms, and government agencies throughout the Midwest. The company helps its clients preserve and recover electronically stored information for the purposes of investigation, data analysis, and litigation support. Digital forensics and e-discovery is an ever-growing field, with industry sales figures expected to nearly double from $4.6 billion to $9.6 billion in the next five years (source).

Gapinski, a longtime entrepreneur, currently heads California-based Secured Retail Networks, Inc., a company that provides cybersecurity solutions for top retailers around the globe. At Data Narro, Gapinski will serve as president, splitting his time between California and Wisconsin.

“There is enormous growth potential in the field of digital forensics and e-discovery. It wasn’t so long ago that most legal discovery was paper-based. The explosion of computing platforms in the past twenty years, from mobile devices to cloud-storage platforms, means that information and evidence is more likely to only be available in digital form. We can provide our clients with superior forensics services, as well as end-to-end e-discovery solutions,” says John Gapinski.

Data Narro markets its services primarily to corporate clients and law firms, providing them solutions to recover data that others may have deemed as missing or deleted and provide tools that allow end users to search recovered information. Following accepted standards, the company maintains an evidentiary chain of custody, ensuring that the data collected is verifiable and forensically sound, ready for litigation if necessary.

Joining Data Narro will be Erik Thompson as Senior Forensics Director. Thompson, a nineteen-year veteran of the forensics industry, will oversee the forensics and litigation support operations. Over the years, Thompson has completed over 750 forensics investigations and testified as an expert witness in dozens of trials.

“Data Narro will have the capabilities and experience to handle a larger field of digital devices than most providers — this includes PC, Mac, Unix, iOS, Android, cloud storage and more. We are able to work with all major forensics and e-discovery platforms. We can even provide turnkey e-discovery platform hosting for our law firm partners,” says Thompson.

Data Narro is headquartered in the bustling Third Ward neighborhood of Milwaukee.


For more information on Data Narro, contact:
Kristian Lars Larsen, Marketing & Communications Director
Phone: 1-262-393-1713
Email: [email protected]

About Data Narro:
Data Narro, LLC is a Wisconsin-based digital forensics and e-discovery consulting firm. DataNarro helps businesses, law firms, and government agencies preserve and recover electronically stored information for the purposes of investigation, data analysis and litigation support. We serve our Midwest clients from our headquarters in downtown Milwaukee.

About John Gapinski:
President John Gapinski has been involved in information technology and information security for the past twenty-five years. He first found entrepreneurial success with Secured Retail Networks, Inc., a California-based company that provides cybersecurity solutions for top retailers around the globe. John now brings his indispensable information security and leadership skills to Data Narro.

About Erik Thompson:
Data Narro’s forensics group is lead by Senior Forensics Director Erik Thompson who brings nineteen years of digital forensics and computer security experience to the table. During this time, Erik has developed proprietary forensic investigation techniques and methodologies and has served as an instructor and lecturer for dozens of classes and seminars. He’s managed over 750 investigations and testified in dozens of court cases as an expert witness.

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