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Despite the Challenging Times, Data Narro is Open for Business

Data Narro is Open for Business

Beginning tomorrow, March 25th, Milwaukee will join communities around the nation in a mandated “shelter in place” order. Both the City of Milwaukee and the State of Wisconsin have separately announced broad measures aimed at staving off the rapid advance of the COVID-19 virus by ordering citizens to stay at home.

In both mandates, most non-essential businesses have been ordered to shut down their physical locations. However, companies are finding creative ways to stay open by utilizing remote working capabilities.

Anticipating this eventuality, Data Narro has been taking measures to allow us to work 100% remotely. We wanted to let you know that Data Narro is open for business.

I’ve talked to quite a few Milwaukee attorneys at many different law firms this week, and each of them is reporting a surge in work. Challenging times lead to conflict, and conflict often results in the need for professional legal guidance and protection.

We, at Data Narro, were surprised at the rapid uptick in new casework for our own business in the past three weeks. Even in these challenging times, people must continue to protect their interests. Because of this, digital forensics, evidence collection, and e-discovery will continue to be essential legal services.

While it may be challenging to do physical, in-person evidence collection, it’s still possible. Additionally, we have developed strong capabilities in remote data collection. For most acquisitions, it is no longer necessary to physically travel to the data source. We can make forensically-sound collections of hard drives, servers, and cloud accounts remotely. (Stay tuned for an article later this week!)

If you are puzzling over the best method to acquire digital evidence or to fulfill a discovery request, please feel free to reach out to us. The last few years have seen a seismic shift in the world of digital evidence—utilize our experience to help you significantly reduce your e-discovery overhead.

We are here. Call us at 262-393-1700 or email us at [email protected].