UPDATED: Our List of eDiscovery Conferences for 2021


UPDATED: 7/15/21
New updates for RelativityFest, PREX, ILTACON, NALA, & The Master’s Conference!


It has been almost a year since I attended an in-person professional conference, last year’s ABA LegalTech Show in downtown Chicago. Who would have thought I would miss the lines, the tired feet, and the prepackaged hotel lunches! Well, I don’t miss that, but I do miss the learning and connecting, and having novel experiences and spontaneous conversations. And, of course, the swag.

With COVID uncertainty and lockdowns continuing in American cities, most conferences have no choice but to go virtual. I’ve compiled a list of US-based eDiscovery conferences which you will find below. Each of these conferences is focused on eDiscovery or has a significant eDiscovery component.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive list that includes international conferences, I would check out Complex Discovery’s extensive running list of ALL global eDiscovery events for 2021.

If you are a conference organizer and wish to add or update a conference, please send me an email at lars@datanarro.com.

Feb 4-6 Legalweek (year) – Kickoff Session
Legalweek is adapting by turning into “Legalyear” with a series of virtual events held throughout the year.
Feb 9 The Sedona Conference Institute Presents: 2021 eDiscovery Negotiation Training: Practical Cooperative Strategies Virtual
Feb 17-18 The Sedona Conference Working Group 6 Annual Meeting 2021 Virtual
Feb 23-24 4th Annual Law & Tech 2020 Summit

So far, we only know that the San Diego County Bar Association has posted “save the date” announcements. No details or registration information has been released (as of 1/6/20). 

Mar 8-12 ABA TechShow 2021 Virtual
Mar 16 Legalweek (year)  – March Session Virtual
Mar 17-18 The Sedona Conference Working Group 11 Annual Meeting 2021 Virtual
Apr 13 Legalweek (year)  – April Session Virtual
Apr 27-29 The AIIM Conference Virtual
Apr 29 The Sedona Conference Working Group 1 Midyear Meeting 2021 Phoenix, AZ
May Magnet Virtual Summit (no dates announced yet) Virtual
May 11 Legalweek (year)  – May Session Virtual
June 3 National eDiscovery Leadership Institute Virtual
July 13 Legalweek (year)  – July Session Virtual
July 22-24 NALA 21 – The Paralegal Association Conference Virtual
Jul 31-Aug 5 BlackHat 2020 USA Las Vegas, NV
Aug 24-28 ITLA CON 2021 Las Vegas, NV and Virtual
Sep 13-15 inFusion 2021 Virtual
Sep 13-15 PREX Virtual
Oct 4-6 RelativityFest 2021 Chicago, IL
Oct 13-15 The 11th Annual EDI Leadership Summit Santa Barbara, CA
Oct 13-15 ARMA InfoCon 2021 Houston, TX
Oct 26-27 The Masters Conference Washington, D.C.
December (TBA) E-Discovery Day


Milwaukee, WI