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Data Narro Services

E-Discovery, Digital Forensics, & Litigation Support Services

Data Narro offers a full spectrum of services that help our clients find success in their litigation and e-discovery matters. Whether that involves early case assessment, meet-and-confer strategy, ESI protocol consulting, preservation, collection, analysis, review, or production, we can help you implement a nimble, cost-effective approach.

Digital Forensics

Every day we follow digital clues to find and recover relevant files for our clients, whether information is hidden or deleted. To aid discovery, we can construct detailed timelines of a user’s activities.


With collected data on hand, we work closely with legal teams to analyze, cull, and produce relevant information. We’ll handle Bates numbering and provide production sets suitable for legal review.

Litigation Support

From early case assessment to collection strategy and “meet-and-confer” recommendations, we offer consulting services that can keep your legal discovery efforts effective and efficient.


Digital Forensics

Our forensics team is led by Director of Digital Forensics Erik Thompson, a long recognized expert who brings twenty-four years of experience to every investigation. Here’s an abbreviated list of digital forensics capabilities that we offer:

  • Mobile Device Collection & Forensics
  • Hard Drive/SSD Collection & Analysis
  • Email Collection & Forensics
  • Social Media Collection & Forensics
  • Cloud Account Collection & Forensics
  • Lost/Damaged Data Recovery
  • Forensic Neutral Services
  • Photo/Audio/Video Examination
  • Remote Data Collection
  • Forensics Report Review
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Criminal Defense Assistance

Evidence You Can Count On

We ensure that the data we collect is verifiable, forensically sound, and suitable for admission to court. Our experience allows us to examine a larger range of computing devices and operating systems, including:

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Unix/Linux
  • Amazon Cloud
  • Azure Cloud
  • Cloud Storage/ Back-up
  • Apple iOS
  • Android OS
  • USB/Flash Storage

Questions? Contact Us!

Initial consultations are always free with absolutely no obligation. Give us a call to discuss your matter.


Over the past twenty years, we have watched as legal discovery has transitioned from a primarily paper-based effort to an electronic one. During this time, our Senior Forensics Director Erik Thompson has helped law firms all around the Midwest understand how to best harness the promise of e-discovery.

Whether you are technologically savvy or not, we can help you take full advantage of e-discovery concepts and tools to gather the compelling evidence you need to win your case.

Data Narro provides a full-spectrum suite of services to help law firms meet their e-discovery needs. We work with all major e-discovery platforms and will help you capture and process sensitive electronic data. We can also manage and host e-discovery review platforms for you.

  • Pre-Litigation Consulting
  • E-Discovery Project Management
  • E-Discovery Strategy
  • ESI Collection
  • ESI Processing & Search
  • Document Review Platform Hosting
  • ESI Production
  • E-Discovery Liaison


Questions? Contact Us!

Initial consultations are always free with absolutely no obligation. Give us a call to discuss your matter.


Litigation Support Services

At Data Narro, client success is our paramount concern. That is why we offer a set of litigation support services to help our clients succeed. We can help you devise forensics and e-discovery strategies to support your litigation.

Strengthen your case by bringing us in for a pre-litigation consultation: we can help you understand all the possible uses (and limitations) of digital forensics techniques and provide advice on ways to use e-discovery in the most efficient manner.

  • Early Case Assessment
  • Meet and Confer Strategy
  • ESI Protocol Consulting
  • Expert Reports & Affidavits
  • Expert Testimony
  • Professional Court Presentations
  • Ongoing Litigation Support
  • Process Documentation