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Free Digital Forensics E-Book

The past decade has produced a seismic shift in the world of civil litigation and evidentiary discovery. Whereas digital evidence once played a supporting role, in 2022 it is likely the star player. Smartphones, social media, messaging apps, and an abundance of connected devices are tracking our daily routines and generating mountains of discoverable data.

The 2022 Attorney's Guide to Digital Forensics

This data, when properly collected and analyzed, can be an invaluable resource for attorneys that need evidence to strengthen a case. As technology has advanced, the potential sources of digital evidence have grown exponentially. By developing a solid understanding of the processes and capabilities of modern digital forensics, informed attorneys and legal professionals can generate a distinct advantage for their clients and cases.

And that is why we created our e-book, The 2022 Attorney’s Guide to Digital Forensics—it’s a contemporary field guide to modern digital forensics and digital evidence collection. While we’ll cover the basics of computer forensics, our goal is to detail recent advances and provide insight into what trends are influencing litigation. While we may touch on elements of criminal investigations, we will focus on digital forensic applications for civil litigation. Along the way, we’ll alert you to new sources of digital information, providing you with the awareness to better drive e-discovery efforts for you and your clients.

Best of all, this e-book is free. At just 15 pages, you can get up to speed during your next lunch break! Fill out the form below for instant access.