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An ESI Source Checklist for Cloud Accounts

A Cloud-Based ESI Source Checklist
ESI Source Checklist for Cloud Accounts

In the past, I have written and lectured about the “astonishing amount of discoverable data in the Cloud.” Increasingly, ALL types of information are being shifted toward Cloud accounts, including email, messages, photos, files, social media, user activity, and business collaboration. Because of this, individual digital devices, computers, and servers are not always the best option for obtaining responsive ESI or digital evidence.

While there are plenty of ESI collection checklists out there, I haven’t found one that helps eDiscovery professionals track the proliferating sources of Cloud-hosted ESI – that is, until now. Data Narro has put together an ESI source checklist focused on Cloud accounts. The purpose of this checklist is to provide a handy reference for eDiscovery professionals for use during custodian interviews and data mapping exercises.

Please keep in mind this list is far from comprehensive — it is meant to detail the most popular Cloud-based services that are likely to hold responsive data. We’ll keep this document current, updating it periodically as new services gain popularity.

Please download this free PDF document today — no registration is necessary.


Note: This is our first edition of the checklist — I expect that we’ll receive a lot of useful input once we publish this. If you have a suggestion, please email me at: [email protected]. I’ll update the checklist again next month!